Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009


Sometimes we break our promise and forget, and we must feel really sorry for that, and sometimes we quarrel like cat and dog, it's often ,we make our friends angry or sad

So..before it's to late, before our death, let's say our sorry, let our heart be glad

I know i'm just no body, i'm just an ordinary person, i sometimes talk rubbish and silly, i also make mistakes, just like any body

I usually mock some of you, i do, trully...i might leave hatred in your heart so many, and often makes your heart unchilly

I'm really sorry, this ain't no fantasy, i beg for your forgiveness, this is reality. So forgive me, let my mistake be free

That's it, i just want to say my sorry, i really hope that you will forgive me. I know my friends are kind. or at least that's what supposed to be

So remove hatred from your mind, and let love come to your heart.. quickly , to get closer to heaven's line, your forgiveness is one of the key......

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